We have been talking about Dust in the workplace for many years. Construction dust is not just a nuisance it can be a major hazard. Colin interviewed Chris Lucas from the HSE on his podcast, back in 2019. They discussed how the HSE and other stakeholders are working to control dust hazards and the work of the HSE in this area and the ways in which companies can control and manage the risk successfully. 
What was spoken about then is still relevant today so please click below to listen 

Key Takeaways 

We want people to go home healthy, it is a clear and simple message about what we want to achieve. 
When you first place a design on a piece of paper any changes are easy to make when the change is made on site the cost and risk have increased exponentially 
The biggest areas we have concerns about are long latency illness where the disease doesn’t manifest itself until much later. 
It's not what you see at the moment but what will be seen in the future and the effects from exposure to dust are not seen until much later. 
We are undertaking a big social media campaign to raise awareness 
Inspections are an important part of improvement, but we are looking to ultimately change people’s long-term behaviour. 
It is seen as tomorrows problem, but we want to make sure people are aware of it today 
Silica dust can scar your lungs and is linked to cancer and the dust from natural products such as wood are also a risk. 
People are not aware because it takes so long to manifest itself 

What should businesses be doing to control or eliminate risks? 

Reviewing the materials used and the equipment to reduce and control dust. 
Controlling at the source is about stopping the dust escaping. It needs to be suppressed or captured in some way. 
The key thing people get wrong is not recognising the risk at all or they think a mask is an adequate control when it is only good as a last resort 
It's vital that people gain a better understanding of the risks. There is information easily available from the Construction Dust Partnership and the HSE 

Valuable Resources 

How we can help you? 
IMG have a robust process for assessing the risks of dust in the workplace and can work with you to develop and implement controls to minimise exposure to your employees. 
We can provide site specific silica dust training, occupational health training and assist you in creating a safe and healthy work environment. 
If you need some support please call Colin Nottage tel:07799656303 email colin.nottage@influentialmg.com
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