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News and updates about Coronavirus seems to be everywhere you look at the moment ! 
We are not writing to you to go over what you already know but to inform you of your health and safety responsibilities... 
As an employer your responsibilities are: 
To develop your plans, taking into account the demographics and vulnerabilities of your staff and those impacted by your operations. Personalise your plans to your workplace. Who should be required to come in to work? What commuting is needed? What about travelling for the work itself, whether that is long distance or local? What about measures to take within the workplace? What if your workplace or operations involve people being gathered together in close proximity (e.g. retailing, transportation or events)? 
To conduct suitable and sufficient risk assessments, covering risks to employees who are at work and also risks to non-employees arising from your operations 
Monitor and review to take into account the changing nature of the contagion and your control measures. These arrangements need to be recorded in writing for employers with five or more staff. 
Take specialist health and safety legal advice help you with the most difficult conundrums and documentation – hopefully to help you make the right decision but also to seek to protect you and your directors from blame if you get it wrong 
How IMG can help you ..... 
Assist you in creating bespoke risk assessments Assist you in assessing those at high risk 
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