Risk Assessment

Your Risk Assessment is THE Fundamental Part of Good Health and Safety – Everything Else Revolves Around It

When you get your risk assessment right, you don’t have to worry as much about falling foul of Health and Safety procedures because your risk assessment encapsulates all of the key areas of health risk from COSHH to noise and everything in between.
So, why is your risk assessment so critically important? As we said at the beginning all your Health and Safety revolves around it, your people, your premises, your attitude to risk – everything.
Of all the things that impact on your risk assessment, the most important is your people, your team, your workforce. Get all your team comfortable with the risk assessment process and it will absolutely reduce your risk, without question. To complete a good risk assessment you have to get your team totally involved as they are the people who are ‘doing’ the work every day and nobody can tell you more about risk than they can, once they understand how the process of risk assessment works.
Poor Risk Assessments Are a Root Cause of Incidents
In every incident we have been called in to investigate, it has been traced back to either a poorly completed risk assessment and in many cases a non-existent risk assessment. It is these companies that you tend to read about in the newspapers because they are being prosecuted.
Risk assessments are often completed by well meaning but non-qualified managers. They carry out a risk assessment as they see it, usually form a generic template downloaded from the internet, they go through a ‘box ticking exercise’ and that’s it, you have an irrelevant risk assessment document. 
This type of risk assessment affords you absolutely no protection.
Firstly, the manager may not be involved in the day-to-day workings on the shop floor; secondly, without the buy in of your workforce the implementation tends to be extremely low. By getting your workforce involved from the outset you will not only get them engaged, you’ll gain their buy in. The result is that your workforce will police your Health and Safety Process far more rigorously than anybody else as they take ownership. You have less incidents, lower the cost of distractions and stoppages and greatly reduce the risk of a major incident.