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Why You Should Retain a Health and Safety Specialist If you Want to Grow Your Business

If you have five or more employees you will know that you have a legal liability to ensure you have access to competent Health and Safety advice. Of course if you are an office based business, whilst there are certain things you have to do to, Health and Safety is not going to make a big difference to the growth of your business.However, if you are a manufacturing, engineering, quarrying, construction, transport or another company of that ilk for example, the risk increases greatly. That seems pretty obvious, but why do businesses put a great deal of effort into Health and Safety? What makes them put it on the agenda as part of their business growth strategy?
Simply put, it is proven that a business which involves its workforce in Health and Safety, truly involves them, not just tells them what they want them to do – can have a workforce that will take responsibility for itself and others and will feel (and that’s important) that they are valued. When your workforce has that feeling, you will get greater productivity, less absenteeism and a more engaged group of employees.

Reducing Your Risk and Preventing Costly Disruption

To take that one step further, if you have a group of people who are engaged and self monitoring, being well aware of, and looking out for, each other and for risks in their workplace, you have a group who are protecting themselves and others and ensuring things run smoothly. The prevention of accidents, incidents and disruption mean lower costs – because there are no costs when incidents don’t occur and higher productivity – because your production line continues to run without interruption.
That is an over simplified explanation but you will get the point.
So, if you are a business that wants to engender a culture of inclusion, self protection and being the best it can be – a Health and Safety specialist who understands and can bring about behavioural change can make a phenomenal difference to the growth of your business. Contact us now for more information and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.
Contact us now to discuss how retaining a Health and Safety specialist can benefit your business and help you grow.