Executive development

Safety for Directors and Senior Managers

This course is aimed at challenging directors and senior managers to set a clear strategy in respect to H&S within their organisation. It looks very closely at communication and how the message needs to be consistent and delivered in the right frequency and intensity to ensure understanding and more importantly buy-in from all employees.

Delegates are required to expand on their normal problem solving techniques and work in teams to come up with workable solutions. Finally, each individual is tasked to develop his or her thoughts on how the business should move forward and bring it all together over a number of weeks to set the business strategy for the next 12-18 months.

This practical course focusses on the individual's business so that outcomes identified during the course can be implemented in the workplace.

Leadership, motivation and teamworking

The ability of leaders is vital to business success. This course provides the essential skills and ideas for understanding leadership and its impact on motivation. It also includes what makes an effective team and the characteristics for success.

Various practical activities are used to facilitate learning, some of which take place outside and are an excellent way of experiencing and practicing teamworking skills.

This course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.