Consultancy Services


Being able to show that you have reached a certain standard of health and safety management is become more important. There are many bodies that offer accreditation and we have helped companies achieve increased revenue by supporting them through the accreditation process. We specialise in the CHAS, Achilles and Exor programmes.


Please call to receive a simple questionnaire and we can help you achieve CHAS success within an extremely short time. Whatever the size of your organisation we can work with you to get you accredited. And it’s not expensive, businesses with less than 5 employees can be reviewed and a portfolio for submission can be developed for as little as £365 + VAT (CHAS government assessment fees are additional).

Risk Assessment

IMG can undertake risk assessments in the workplace including:

  • Noise Assessment
  • Fire safety
  • Manual Handling
  • COSHH Assessment
  • Display screen equipment

Challenging behaviour

Have you reached a plateau with your health and safety performance? Are you struggling to see how you can move things forward? Are you coming up against negative behaviour? At IMG we have a specialist team of advisors who are trained to get underneath your employees skin, discover their views and perceptions, but importantly find some common ground in order to build a successful programme of improvement that will improve morale, productivity and profitability.

This process may take some time but once in place you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Noise survey

A detailed analysis of noise propagation in the workplace; an analysis of existing control measures; a recommendation of hearing protection (where applicable) and a detailed site plan.

We will also develop site specific feedback training on the results of the assessment.

Fire risk assessments

A review of existing fire hazards and controls and the development of a fire risk rating; Conclusions and recommendations and a final risk rating. To ensure compatibility with ISO 18001.

Risk assessments (workplace, COSHH, manual handling, DSE, etc)

On site development of risk assessments with managers and employees for a range of hazards:

  • Workplace: Develop task specific risk assessments
  • COSHH: review all COSHH products and how they are held, obtain MSDS and develop one page COSHH sheets
  • Manual Handling: Working with you we would review manual handling tasks and develop a series of controls to remove the need to lift or greatly reduce the personal effect of the lift.
  • DSE: We can undertake Display Screen Equipment assessments or train key employees to undertake their own assessments in the workplace.