Business Improvement

As your business grows, the process of managing your people and processes becomes more complicated. IMG is able to assist you with removing duplicate procedures and eliminating the confusion around non-essential processes.

We have the experience to deliver:

  • Inspirational business solutions
  • Improved communications at all levels throughout the business
  • Mentoring programmes for key personnel

In addition, IMG provides strategic advice to reduce overheads, manage your costs and risk to improve both performance and profit.

We offer a range of interactive accredited training programmes that challenge the attitude and behaviour of employees at all levels.

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Business improvement packs

Do you require assistance in the following areas:

  • Business development planning;
  • Employee competence assessments and development;
  • Successful marketing strategies;
  • Health and safety;
  • Quality;
  • Environmental;

We are able to provide simple solutions that you can deliver into your business, cost effectively. Please contact our team for a free consultation


To discuss ways of improving efficiency and employee performance in your business, contact us by email at colin.nottage[at]influentialmg[dot]com or call directly on 0845 689 0075 for a free consultation.